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The Inn at Little Bend


In antebellum America, life for an abandoned woman was difficult at best. But when young Grayson escapes her sadistic guardian, she finds freedom just as hostile. The lonesome, starving wanderer flees straight into the path of vicious marauders. Only one thing keeps the rustlers from violating the curvaceous, dark-haired beauty but the punishment they intend to mete out for her crimes borders on insanity.


Not far away a lone rover hears the screams, yet continues down the road. He wants nothing more of life than to be left alone. He has his own debts to account for. Once a headstrong irresistible rakehell, the drifter had bolted, shuttered his heart and retreated deep within himself. But now the wafting agony tears at him⎯his own and the wails of another. Swearing under his breath, he whirls the horse around.


Grayson Ridge struggles to survive her fated trials and conceal the secrets that plague her. Her exploits collide with the life of Drake Somerset, a scraggly yet oddly dashing drifter besieged by dark shadows. Neither realizes their chance encounter could free them both. Their wrangling ignites a turbulent journey and sets their worlds on fire.

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Notes of Interest

Setting: Western Frontier/Virginia 1840's

Before Pen to Paper: Within one year, I lost three people I loved dearly, and I retreated to my studio. It seemed that only there could I make sense of things and force the capricious fates to bend to my will. Drake and Grayson are struggling with their own losses, searching for the realization that they, too, can survive the anguish.

paperback ISBN: 978-1-61235-055-4
Kindle ISBN: 978-1-61235-251-0


A 5 Heart Sweetheart Selection!

"From its intriguing beginning to its stunning conclusion, this is sweeping epic of love, betrayal, sorrow and redemption. It's a difficult book to review because I don't really want to give away much of the story. The surprises and mystery of the plot are a large part of its charm.

Drake and Grayson are wonderful characters and the author does a superb job of revealing them to the reader. Memorable secondary characters add to emotional pull of the story. It has the power to move the reader; be it with laughter, anger or tears. The setting moves from the 'savage' West to the 'civilized' Virginia hills and back again.

For me, this was everything an historical romance should be. Unpredictable and complicated, it sometimes doesn't seem just right. But then something else happens, and looking back, everything is as it should be. Highly recommended. I'll be reading Ms Groover's other books in the near future."

The Romance Studio

"'5 cups!" Wow where to start, I loved The Inn at Little Bend. A story full of so many twists and turns you better pay attention, or you will miss out on something important! Excellent characters who work well together, each bringing something unique to the story. A touch of romance mixed in makes it all the better to read. This is the first book I have read by Bobbi Groover, but it will not be the last!"

Matilda-Coffee Time Romance & More

"The Inn at Little Bend was an excellent story. It’s been a very long time since I’ve picked up a book where the characters are superbly penned. Ms. Groover has done a marvelous job with description and emotion. You really get a good feel for the depth of Drake’s misery, as well as the desperation of Grayson’s situation. The secondary characters are equally crafted. There’s a lot of emotion in this book and it’s not one to take lightly. You don’t whizz through the characters, plot, and setting. It’s very deep and intense. Ever so slowly, you see Drake and Grayson change. It’s like watching a flower open its petals, waking up to new life and displaying the beauty hidden inside. The beginning starts out strong and just keeps going. But be prepared to go through the gamut of emotions. There’s a lot of punch packed into these 292 pages...If you like deeply emotional stories with complex characters and a thorough journey through their change and development, then I highly recommend The Inn at Little Bend. Bobbi Groover most definitely delivers. Drake and Grayson are sure to warm your heart and remind you how much true love is worth fighting for. 5 roses "

Willow at Pillow Talk Reviews

"'5 stars!' This is a GOOD BOOK! Grayson as River is a little smart ass, saying what “he” means as a cover-up for the fear she feels, and truly, the dialogue between her (as River) and Drake are the best parts of the story. It’s refreshing to see scenes in which the heroine gives as good as she takes, and talks back to the hero on his own level. Though from the background of other characters, and what is said about them—such as the tale of Fletcher and Kyndee--this story appears to be a continuation of other novels, but they only appear toward the end of the story so it’s complete enough to stand on its own. The characterizations are top-notch, though Clay, Royce’s best friend, is such a scoundrel, it’s difficult to understand how the two men ever became friends to start with--great writing there! It’s a delight to read, from the first page which explains how newborn Grayson was left on the porch of Grayson Ridge Orphanage, to the last, it’s the tale of true love and points out very emphatically its very unsmooth course. For an intriguing read with some delightful give-and-take dialogue, it’s the Inn at Little Bend. "

Toni V. Sweeney

"What a ride! The Inn at Little Bend is an incredible page burner. I couldn’t put it down. Grayson Ridge’s strength and courage in the face of overwhelming odds far surpasses that of Scarlet O’Hara in this book that takes place in Antebellum America, and she’s a much more likeable character." 4.5 Roses

Rochelle’s Reviews

"The Inn at Little Bend was simply an amazing and very moving read. It is so emotionally packed, you will be in tears the last few chapters of the book...She truly knows how to write memorable characters' that draw out the emotions in the reader. This is a powerful story of what true love and family is all about...I enjoyed this five star book so much and have gone back and reread parts several times because I can‘s seem to let the characters go just yet.. The messages found in The Inn at Little Bend will make you hug your loved ones more often, and not take for granted the many blessings surrounding you daily." 5 Stars

Romance Novel Reviewer

"The Inn at Little Bend is a delightful romance with dashes of suspense, action and secrets. Greyson is a charming character who this reader came to love. Her determination to live, her yearning for someone to love her and her desire for somewhere to call home will tug at the heart. Drake is drowning in his own guilt and grief and can't seem to find the light. It will take someone special to help him find his way again. Charming, entertaining, page-turning and moving, The Inn at Little Bend was pure joy to read!"

Minding Spot

"...this is not your average romance western. Bobbi Groover creates a wild western romance with a wild twist that you will not see coming.
She has a creative and unique writing style that is surely solely only linked to her for I have not yet read anything like this before !
Bobbi keeps you captivated and describes every scene in details making sure you don’t miss anything.

Romancing the Book

"This book has it all, adventure, romance, suspense, and mystery, what’s not to love? Like Drake’s music, I’ll remember The Inn at Little Bend for a long, long time. 4 stars "

Pam at Caught in a Fab Romance

"This is not a simple, uncomplicated love story progressing along predictable lines. The well-developed characters are delightful, always revealing new growth. The plot offers interesting twists difficult to predict, and the romantic tension will keep the pages turning."

The US Review of Books

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